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Dr. Kurt,
What can I say, but thanks again!  If it weren't for you I would have been out of a job I've done my whole life two years ago already!  If only the rest of the business world had your work ethic and pride in taking care of people, we would all be way better off.  Thanks for doing what you do, Merry Christmas hope you and yours have a great holiday season!

This office is so military friendly. Dr. Smith is wonderfully helpful and supportive for Soldiers and understands the last minute nature of military audiology needs especially in the Colorado Springs area where military audiologist on base are limited. Absolutely quality care and wonderful treatment are provided here. Fantastic service, wonderful treatment, military friendly, what more could you ask for?
Christine R.

Recently I was able to get an appointment locally with Dr. Kurt Smith, Audiologist, at Peak View Audiology and Hearing Care.  This was an excellent experience; Dr. Smith and his office staff were courteous, knowledgeable, and very helpful.
As a veteran with a hearing loss I was pleased that I did not have to make the trip to Denver to have my hearing tested.  Since our local VA facility in Colorado Springs apparently was not able to accommodate me I requested an appointment with a Non-VA provider locally.
Although there was quite a delay in getting the authorization (VA Form 10-7079) from the VA, I was able to promptly make an appointment with Dr. Kurt Smith.  However, I was surprised to see that Dr. Smith was not included on the list of Community Audiology Vendors that accept VA Payment Arrangements.  Dr. Smith does accept VA payment arrangements and is a veteran himself.  In my opinion this allows him to fully understand and cooperate with the VA requirements and the veteran.

Please include Dr. Kurt Smith, Board Certified Audiologist, Peak View Audiology and Hearing Care, 5014 El Camino Drive, #200, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, 719-633-4100 on your list so that other veterans can benefit from his excellent service.


Dr. Kurt,
These things are awesome. The blue tooth capability is phenomenal. When I started wearing them on Friday I could already feel them learning. Certain noises would surface then once I recognized them, they were less noticeable. They do not rub the inside of my ear like my previous devices.
I could not be happier.

Dr. Kurt
The first few days have been wonderful to say the least. They are taking some getting used to but they have made a huge difference. I am still getting used to the different settings, but I think they are better than I expected. We went to dinner at a loud restaurant to test them out and I was able to actually participate in the conversation for the first time in years. Once I get used to having them in my ears and used to the loudness of certain things I will definately love them even more.
Thanks again,

Hi, Dr. Smith
These hearing aids are amazing, all is going fantastic, working good at work and at home. I am trying the volume at half way and seems to be working ok. What can I say, you know how good they are! Tom D.

I have always received very prompt, professional and friendly service. I am very pleased with Dr. Smith's practice.

I have been pleased with the service through the years. Dr. Smith is very professional, and I have been able to get emergency appointments.

Felt like they help me with all my questions and would recommend this office.

Professional and Caring Dr Smith has been treating my husband for approximately 5 years. He is very caring, he listens to the issues that my husband has and he finds solutions that are practical and fit the problem. He is not quick to push new equipment or additional equipment in order to increase his sales. He is very good about retesting every year to make sure that the aids that were prescribed are still a good fit. He is understanding of the patient point of view and not out to just sell your something you may not need.

Professional, Patient, and provides great results Dr. Kurt Smith has been our family Audiologist for about 6 years. He is a top flight professional with excellent people skills. He diagnosed my Mother's hearing loss and helped us choose a system that provided all the features needed to make wearing hearing aids worthwhile. At 88 years old, mom had given up on 3 previous solutions. The providers had been impatient and blamed her for the problems, they pushed very expensive equipment that didn't produce the promised results and disheartened mom to the point that she had given up. Dr. Smith's patient, empathetic, sincere interest in helping brought mom around and even though the solution wasn't cheap it has really increased the quality of her life. When mom's hearing diminished further, Dr. Smith was able to do a quick reassessment and then adjusted her aids to restore another improvement. Colorado Springs is fortunate to have attracted such a skilled care provider to our area.

Incredible Audiologist Dr.Kurt Smith is fantastic. After a six month ordeal with a severe ear infection, ruptured eardrum, ear surgery, loss of hearing, and going through four Otolaryngologists, and six Audiology exams with other audiologists, Dr. Smith is the best. Three of the audiologists were ready automatically to to put me in hearing aids without even retesting me or listening to the details of my hearing loss. Dr. Smith gave me the most extensive and thorough exam I have ever had, and he took a great deal of time to assess every detail. He also educated himself on how hearing is affected by Fibromyalgia (which I have) and that is very impressive. I purchased professional ear plugs from him and he made sure they were perfect in both comfort and fit, and I believe that has helped my ear sensitivity and recovery even more. Dr. smith could have just sold me hearing aids like all the other audiologists intended to do, but he suggested my hearing would most likely improve even more.

Concerned about health Dr Kurt Smith is the best Audiologist I have been to. Dr Smith and Kelly (his highly efficient receptionist) are very professional in their efforts to restore lost hearing. I have had to get different parts and pieces for my hearing aids and they have been able to schedule and repaire my aids in a timely manner. I highly recommend their services.

Excellant Care Dr. Kurt Smith is an excellant Audiologist; very professional, efficient and motivated to provide a high level of customer service. I couldn't be happier with the comfort and functionability of my hearing aids. Dr. Kurt and Kelly are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend their services.

Dr. Kurt was most helpful, courteous, and professional. My new ear molds fit perfectly and absolutely isolate me from all outside noise. Dr. Kurt also made recommendations on product color that make them almost invisible. Exactly what I was seeking; couldn't be happier with the way I was treated and the product.

Very helpful! Dr. Smith's receptionist, Kelly, was so helpful over the phone. She is the reason I came in to see Dr. Smith. After meeting Dr. Smith I knew I came to the right place. My new hearing aids have really helped me a great deal.

The service my family and I have received from Dr. Smith has been extraordinary.He has diagnosed and treated my wife and I for several years and has always shown professionalism and concern for our well being. It is unusually to find a Dr, of his caliber in todays world.

Dr. Kurt Smith is a knowledgeable and personable Doctor of Audiology with whom I have been a patient for over three years. He and Kelly are a wonderful team who bring comfort to those of us who face hearing loss. "Dr. Kurt" helped me and my family accept the fact that I had a significant hearing loss which affected some many aspects of my daily living. From problems in communicating at work, home, and the effects that hearing loss has on relationships, my experience with this wonderful office has always been exceptional. The effect that correcting my hearing loss with hearing aids made a tremendous difference in my [and my family's] quality of life. As a senior citizen and a retired military member on Tricare, Dr. Kurt Smith and his office staff have worked with me to make this one of my best healthcare experiences. I would be happy to serve as a contact for anyone needing additional information about Peak View Audiology and Hearing Care.

I found Dr. Kurt Smith and his hearing clinic was i was searching for a provider in Colorado Springs for my mother. I did not meet Dr. Smith directly as I live out of state however my mother was extremely impressed with her new hearing aids as well as the experience that Dr. Smith and his staff provided. Kudos to Peak View audiology. Thanks for taking such great care of my mom.

Dr. Smith has been my audiologist for 7 years. He has without fail provided the highest quality service possible. Kurt is extremely professional and is extremely knowledgeable with respect to available technology and has always been able to tailor the hearing aids to best meet my requirements. I highly recommend Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith has been helping me hear for over 4 years now. I really like the bluetooth capability built into my hearing aids. It's amazing and Kurt has done great job helping with the technical part.

Audiologist Dr. Kurt F. Smith has moved his practice to a new location. He now offers a broader range of hearing aids and assisted listening devices. He also offers bluetooth technology that works with cel phones, televisions and other devices.

I've been going to Dr Smith for my hearing "challenges" for a number of years. I can honestly say that he has opened my ears to sounds that had escaped me for many years. Dr Smith listens to my problems, analyzes and comes up with solutions. He keeps in step with the latest hearing technologies so that he may offer the very best hearing products. I have no reservations in referring Dr Smith to any of my acquaintances interested in improving their hearing; I have in the past and will continue in the future.