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Hearing Healthcare Services

Patient Education

Educating patients on the kinds of hearing loss, their causes, and effects on a person’s ability to hear and understand speech.

Hearing Evaluation

To accurately evaluate your level of hearing loss, a comprehensive hearing test is required. We perform a series of tests to better understand all the different aspects of your hearing loss, including word recognition, to determine if you are losing the ability to understand and interpret the sounds of speech.

Here is what you can expect during your evaluation.

Hearing Aid Demonstration

There are many different levels of hearing loss, and not all hearing aids are appropriate for your particular level. We take the time to help you test various hearing aids, so you know which hearing aids are best for you and provide counseling on available options in all price ranges.

Hearing Aid Purchase

After determining the best shape, size, fit, technological capability, and cost of the hearing aid, we work together to enable you to afford the purchase. We bill your insurance (where applicable), take all major credit cards, and work with a finance company to give you an affordable monthly payment.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Your hearing aids are programmed to your specific loss, which means they are only as good as your evaluation results. We pride ourselves in taking the time during the evaluation to ensure you clearly understand how the process works and the necessary responses you should be giving, providing precise test results and, therefore, excellent programming of your hearing aids.

You will also be instructed on how to put on, clean, and recharge the hearing aids.

Real Ear Measurement

Everyone's ear canal is different, which changes how the hearing aid preforms. Therefore, we check the sound being produced by the hearing aid while it is in your ear. This ensures it is producing the correct sound in each frequency for your loss. If necessary, we will adjust the hearing aid in real-time as we test. This extra step gives us the ability to provide you with the best possible sound quality for your individual hearing needs.

Why at-home hearing tests and off-the-shelf hearing aids just don't cut it.

At Peak View Hearing our hearing healthcare providers can provide you with the best hearing technology available and make sure it is applied correctly so you can hear and understand the world around you.

Follow-up Visits

These ensure you are comfortable with the physical fit and use of the instrument in all environments. We encourage our patients to visit us regularly for cleaning and checking the hearing aid. We also recommend a new test yearly to catch any changes in your hearing ability and to reprogram the hearing aid to that change.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Hearing Aid Evaluation

We will take your current hearing aid and test it for proper functioning. If cleaning will return it to a working state, great. If more complex repairs are needed, we will do what we can to bring your current hearing aid back to a usable state before recommending the purchase of a new hearing aid.

Repairs on Major Brands

Whether due to wear and tear or because of an accident, your hearing aids may require repairs. Bring them in. We make repairs on all major brands.

Reprogram of Hearing Aids

Even if you have not purchased your hearing aids from us, we can reprogram your existing devices to your current level of hearing loss. A current version of your programming software must be available.


We carry hearing aid batteries and will gladly change them out for you. If you’re tired of handling the small batteries, we can also discuss rechargeable hearing aid options.

Custom Ear Impressions and Hearing Protection

If you need customized hearing aids , we’ll take impressions to create the perfect fit.

We also offer custom hearing protection such as earplugs for swimmers, hearing protection for motorcycle riders, etc.

Tinnitus Management

Hearing loss and tinnitus are often connected conditions. If you struggle with tinnitus with or without hearing loss, we can help. Depending on the severity of your tinnitus, we can discuss all the different tinnitus support-enabled hearing aids available to you as well as lifestyle changes and other management techniques.


Did you know that your hearing devices may be covered entirely by your insurance?

Did you also know that one small mistake in processing your claim can lead to you paying significantly more out of pocket then it should?

Well-meaning hearing clinics train their front office staff, with little to no experience in insurance billing, to handle their claims

We work with Hearing Healthcare specific Insurance Specialists to make sure your claim is filed quickly and correctly. Often, resulting in less out-of-pocket for you.

0% Hearing Aid Financing

If you have insurance, we’ll help determine if and how much they are willing to pay for hearing aids.

If you don’t have insurance and are unable to pay out-of-pocket, we can still help. We work with a financing company that offers no-interest financing for those who qualify. One finance company will even give you twelve months same as cash!